Croupier Role

What is a Croupier?

A croupier is someone appointed at a gambling table to assist in the conduct of the game, especially in the distribution of bets and payouts. A croupier ensure that the game operates smoothly.

Qualifications needed to become a croupier?

Although no formal qualifications are needed to become a croupier the information below is an outline of what is needed.

  • To have a clean, tidy appearance
  • Experience of working with the public and handling money
  • The ability to think quickly and make fast mental calculations
  • To be able to distinguish colours
  • Good hearing and clear speech
  • Aclean criminal record (for which will be vetted)
  • Apolite, and friendly manner
  • Outgoing person who enjoys meeting people and is happy to accept a disciplined environment


When you have completed the course you will receive a certificate and your licence from the gambling commission.

Croupiers Salary?

A croupiers salary is normally between of £13,500 – £19,500 per year plus tips. and up to £40,000 as a manager, it depends on what area of the country you are working.

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