American Roulette Training Course

American Roulette Dealer Course

Train to Deal Croupier Training Academy also offer an American Roulette Course. On this course you will be taught the skills needed to deal American Roulette in a casino.

From the various chip skills you will need, to adding and assembling a winning payout.

As part of the American Roulette Training Course you will learn:

  • How to chip up chips.
  • How to cut down chips.
  • How to step a winning bet.
  • Order of payout
  • How to push stacks of chips.
  • The procedures and security etiquettes of Roulette.
  • How to spin a roulette ball.
  • How to work out a winning bet using the odds.
  • The rules of the game.

Learn the skills to work in top casinos